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Legacy Giving

Highland has a rich history of receiving gifts from members who wanted to continue their stewardship through a bequest, trust, or other instrument (their stewardship legacy) since the late Luther Hodges and Shirley Hodges established the Highland General Endowment Fund in the late 1980’s. Some of these gifts have been made to Highland’s general endowment for funding ministries, missions, and capital projects. Others have established named endowments or funds in honor or memory of someone. And others have established their legacy for a specific purpose: the music program, building maintenance, mission projects, and specific ministries.

No gift is too small – consider remembering Highland in your will or trust with a gift to the General Endowment. You can also establish an endowment or fund with a specific designated purpose. Please contact the senior pastor, the chairperson of the Endowment Committee, or the Legacy Leader to discuss and explore your interests in legacy giving.

For sample bequest language for your will or codicil, click here.

In order to help plan for their stewardship legacy, members of Highland are served by the United Methodist Foundation (UMF) of the North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church. Through the UMF, Highland members have access to a variety of gift planning services to help you make gifts to Highland both during life and after life to help you fulfill your stewardship legacy. Gift plans such as bequests enable you to continue your favorite missions and ministries as a legacy after death. Some of these gift plans provide income for the donor during life, have significant tax benefits and provide for your legacy to Highland.

The United Methodist Foundation provides a diverse set of news, planning, and other information sources. Should you want to discuss some of these options as they relate to Highland, please contact Highland’s Legacy Leader, George Deaton, at (919) 851-1255 or by e-mail (gdeaton@att.net). At the UMF, you can call Executive Director Lynn James at (919) -971-5967 or Director of Planned Giving Lauralee Bailey at 919-836-0029.  Click here for additional UMF contact information.

Endowment Opportunities

The Highland Endowment makes all kinds of ministries possible and is a resource to make God-sized dreams a reality in our service to God and our community.  The Endowment Committee meets quarterly to consider grant applications for ministry funding requests, with an application deadline as the first day of each quarter.  The next Grant Application deadline is July 1, 2018.  

You can click here to download a pdf that can be filled out in Adobe Reader.  If it doesn't work on your system, you can get an application from George Deaton, Endowment Committee Chair, or Highland's Business Manager, Jim Duke.

Scholarship Awards

The Endowment Committee and scholarship sponsors are pleased to announce these scholarship awards for 2017:

The Betty M. Gardner Memorial Scholarships are for qualifying graduates of a community college. This year’s recipient is Man Nem Vung, who is a senior at Meredith College. Mr. Bob Gardner and his family established the Betty M. Gardner Memorial Endowment to fund these scholarships from earnings of the endowment.

The Grace George Scholarship in Education Endowment was established by Mr. Bill George and others to fund scholarships for qualifying students at any academic level beyond secondary school whose studies emphasize teaching. This year the recipients are Hawhon Thang (pictured below), who is studying Music Education at Pensacola Christian College, and Abigail Bugger, whose studies at Greensboro College emphasize education. The Endowment Committee is indebted to Mr. Bill George, who made a generous gift to augment the earnings of the Grace George Endowment.

The Mulwee Scholarship Endowment was established by Mr. and Mrs. Hal Barnes in memory of Earleen’s parents. The scholarship, funded by endowment earnings, is for qualifying Highland graduating high school students who have participated in music activities either at Highland or elsewhere. The 2017 award was made to Douglas Templeton (pictured right with Mr. & Mrs. Hal Barnes and Endowment Chair, George Deaton), who is enrolled at Wake Technical Community College.

Highland members and others may make gifts to any of these endowments, or to the counterpart funds from which awards are made. Specify whether your gift is for an endowment or an awards fund.

The Endowment Committee is indebted to these members of the Scholarship Selection Committee who evaluated applications and recommended awards: Mrs. Sue Sink (Endowment Committee), Dr. Charles Stuber (Endowment Committee), Mrs. Ellen Tucker (Endowment Committee), Rev. Sarah Fletcher (Youth Minister) and Mrs. Allison Morgan (Young Adult Representative to Administrative Council).