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Life changes fast.  Facing transitions in life — in our families, our work, our world, even in our church — can be daunting, discombobulating, even dispiriting.  Whether it’s a new home, graduation, a new job, marriage, divorce, giving birth, or the loss of a loved one, confusion and chaos can come in many forms.

Join us in worship as we look at what it means to have a God who revels in our celebrations and upholds us in our pain. We will lift up and praise the God who brings order out of chaos. We will experience the power of being the community of Christ’s body and the presence of a savior whose embrace is healing.

June 11: Creation
June 18: Birth
June 25: Weaning
July 2: Rites of Passage
July 9: Legacy


What if life after death can begin now?  New life in Christ is a transformative experience, a daily movement towards the kingdom of God in the here and now.  Like a seed falls to the earth and dies to bring forth a new plant, we experience resurrection life as we die to selfishness and rise to new life.
Join us in worship as we explore the power of resurrection in Romans 8-12.  We will celebrate the God who makes us whole and never lets us go.
July 23: Through Christ Alone
July 30: Through Weakness
August 6: Through Confession
August 13: Through Transformation
August 20: Through Radical Love