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I Hear You, But I’m Not Listening!

In the Age of Information, it’s easy to hear so much that you just stop paying attention. This winter, we’ll explore stories of God’s voice calling into people’s lives, and imagine an alternative ending where nobody actually listened. Come find out how to pay attention to the still, small voice of God you might already be hearing.

January 7 - Baptism of Our Lord - Mark 1:4-11

Sermon Title: "The Listening Lord"

January 14 - The Calling of Samuel - 1 Samuel 3:1-10

Sermon Title:  Go Back to Bed, Kid

January 21 - Jonah & Nineveh - Jonah 3:1-5, 10; Mark 1:14-20

Sermon Title: Lord, No! I Won’t Go!

January 28 - Deut. 18:15-20; Mark 1:21-28

Sermon Title: "God, Your Voice is So Awful"

February 4 - Isa. 40:21-31; Mark 1:29-39

Sermon Title: "Have you not heard?"

February 11 - Transfiguration of Our Lord - Mark 9:2-9

Sermon Title:  Let’s Make This Last Forever

Why Jesus?

Why do Christians keep insisting on Jesus?  Isn’t it enough to believe in God? Whether you are a lifelong Christian, used to be Christian, or have never really explored Christianity, come and learn about who Jesus said he was. During a season when Christians take stock of who they say Christ is, we will explore why this one person shows us the clearest picture of God.